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PHP Full Stack Developer

Zauba Technologies is a startup based in Bangalore. Zauba's services are used by leading companies in India. Zauba is powered by a young and passionate team. We are looking for individuals who would like to be part of our founding team.

As a Full Stack Developer and a part of founding team, you will be expected to visualize and develop disruptive web based products and technologies for our customers. Eventually you would be expected to lead entire web development team and be fully responsible for all the products you develop. Your rewards will be directly proportional to the value you generate.

Job Responsibilities

  • Design and development of robust, scalable and highly efficient web based solutions for our customers.
  • Design and development of web scale architecture to serve millions of users
  • Design and develop excellent, well engineered web pages and web applications
  • Take ownership of existing web product and applications
  • Enhance scalability, performance, and stability of existing infrastructure
  • Work closely with other team members to integrate our innovations and algorithms into production systems


  • Drupal ­ Intermediate to advanced level
  • PHP ­ Advanced
  • SQL ­ Advanced
  • MySQL ­ Intermediate to advanced level
  • Apache Web Server ­ Basic to intermediate level
  • Memcached, Redis or any other caching server ­ Basic to intermediate level
  • Javascript ­ Basic to intermediate level
  • HTML, HTML5, Bootstrap, Jquery ­ Basic to intermediate level
  • Linux ­ Basic to intermediate level

Good to have

  • Java
  • Apache SOLR
  • Shell scripting
  • Regex

Must have qualities

  • Skills to learn new skills quickly
  • Desire to create disruptive products and services
  • Passion; not just to work in startups but to take them to next level
  • Above average programming aptitude
  • Be passionate about producing high­ quality engineering deliverables
  • Be productive working independently or collaboratively
  • Have an eye for building efficient processes
  • Be self­ motivated
  • Proactively take ownership


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